Gymnastics, Strength and Movement

The strength class will be geared towards the person who only wants to gain functional strength, and for those already quite strong who want to improve their strength skill practice. All welcome.
This class is for everyone who wants to improve their strength over all. Taken from your current level.
Some Exercises that will be covered:
Push-Ups Variations
Pull-Up Variations
The Anatomy of the Pull-Up
Hanging Leg and Knee Raises
Squat Variations & The Squat Routine , to improve your leg strength stronger than you ever need to be.
Gymnastic Rings exercise and flows. Simple to compound movements.
Ground Flow Drills: To improve mobility
Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Movements
The Planche
Inversions, and Hand Balancing
No Required Equipment Required
Just bring clothing suitable for movement, water, towel, and a notebook.

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