This class is intended for those who want increase power, speed, agility, flexibility and strength. It is an excellent cardio workout, and will teach you to move your body at an instants notice (reaction training). In this class, students will be learning the basics of punching, kicking and using their elbows and knees to strike punching bags, kicking pads and mitts.
Classes will start with a series of warm-ups and hip mobility drills, then progressing into the basic punch and kick exercises. Working with partners will be a big part of the class, and everyone will learn from each other.
The class is intended for beginners and/or people with limited experience. Kickboxing It is a fun and gratifying method of fitness. It will increase your confidence level and improve total mobility capability.
At first, no equipment is required, but if you decide to continue your training, gloves, shin protectors and hand wraps may be something you may want to invest in.
Safety is first, and all students will be required to learn proper technique to prevent injury. This is not a fighting class, and you will not be asked to fight your partners.

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