Olga Choedron

Olga Choedron grew up in an ancient Russian city where she got her Bachelors as a linguist and lived in Saint Petersburg and worked as a teacher of Russian as a second language and translator until she moved to the Hudson valley in 2013.

She has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation with western and Tibetan Buddhist masters since the early 2000s. She went to study Buddhist and Ayurvedic practices of awakening, balancing and purifying the mind and body in India and Nepal (2009, 2018).

She is certified as an alignment-based Vinyasa yoga instructor with Hudson River Yoga and Vitality Yoga Flow (2017 and 2019). Olga draws inspiration from different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Iyengar, Zen, restorative and Kundalini, working on the different layers of our being: physical, energetic, psychological, spiritual.

Olga’s approach to teaching yoga is to instill interest in her students in overall awareness of our bodies, mind, spirit and breath. Through well-rounded routines of asana sequences and breathing exercises she guides students to stretch and strengthen and find more emotional balance, resilience, mental focus and clarity, peace, fulfilment, contentment and joy.

Working as a medical interpreter and translator and being a happy mother of 2 teenage daughters, Olga constantly strives to bring the benefits of yoga and meditation into daily life.

She also practices Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments.

Growing up in Russia, she appreciates classical music and opera, loves travelling, learning new recipes, gardening, dancing and hiking with the family and her rescue dog Dean.

CPR certified.

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