Victoria Beach

If you speak to anyone in Vikki’s family they will tell you that from her very first steps she never walked she ran. This energy translated into a very active lifestyle. Middle school through college, she was a member of Track & Field, X-Cross Country Running and X-Cross Skiing teams.  She worked as a licensed Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor teaching swim lessons during the summer for many years. She later pursued a career in massage therapy were she worked with marathon runners in pre and post race sessions.

Like many people in their 30’s and 40’s, family and work made it difficult to carve out time for an active lifestyle. Feeling a bit in a rut, Vikki discovered Cross training and Strength training at Hudson Valley Raw Athletics. It was the answer to that struggle. It offered the mental and physical challenges she had been missing from her earlier years as an athlete. In her customary style, she dove in head first and has never looked back. She continues to strive to learn more in order to reach new goals and benchmarks but more importantly to help others do the same, which is where her true passion lies.

Starting Strength Seminar

CPR Certified

USA Powerlifting Club Coach

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